Many aspects of our daily lives changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we seem to be out of the acute phase, some aspects of pandemic life remain. One of those is the debate over whether to vaccinate your children. Here are the factors that a family court judge will take into consideration before issuing a decision:   

  • Testimony from a medical professional, usually your child’s pediatrician  
  • Each parent’s lifestyle and how much exposure to infection they may have as a result  
  • The other people who live in the child’s household, such as an elderly grandparent, a pregnant woman, or half or stepsiblings who are too young to be vaccinated   
  • What steps each parent is taking to avoid potential infection 
  • What requirement does the child’s school have in place, such as masks, social distancing, or vaccine mandates? 
  • The size of their school or circle of friends  

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