Both during and after a divorce, disputes can arise when one custodial parent wishes to relocate to another island, out-of-state, or to another country.  The relocating parent must get permission from the non-moving parent or the Family Court in order to do so. However, the non-moving parent may try to block the move of the children or request a change of custody if the relocating parent must leave. In this case, the court will hold a hearing to determine what custody arrangement will best suit the child.  In such a hearing, the judge will expect a thorough explanation of the facts and information surrounding the move and how the move will impact the children so a decision can be made that best protects the child’s relationship with both parents.  When the issue of relocation becomes contentious and complicated, the PKK team is ready to assist you with the process to advocate for the best outcome for you and your child. We can help you with:

  • Relocating To Hawaii / From Hawaii

  • Relocating Responsibilities

  • Burden of Proof

  • Relocation Evaluation