In these times of dynamic change, PMK is prepared to provide legal services regardless of Family Court accessibility. PMK is continually monitoring whether courts are open, when and how trials will proceed, as well as providing legal alternatives to the sometimes-uncertain court process.

PMK will continue to offer services in the event of a Family Court shut down to resolve disputes in divorce, child custody and child support through alternative dispute resolution. Options include direct negotiations, mediation and, when issues cannot be agreed, achieving a final decision through binding arbitration.  While all agreements will need to be finalized through the court system, achieving a practical end to your case is achievable regardless of delays in court availability

Even during these difficult times, there are still opportunities to achieve resolution for your divorce and child-related concerns.  Contact the legal team at PMK , we can help you explore all options and explain your rights under the law so that you can make informed decisions that will protect your best interests.