The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down, leading to significant reduction or loss of income for many members of our community. If you are required by a court order to pay child support, uncertainty regarding how to meet this financial obligation can cause you additional financial stress. If you rely on child support, the current economic climate may create an increased sense of urgency and financial insecurity.

If You Can’t Meet Your Child Support Obligation

As the payor responsible for providing child support to the custodial parent, you must continue making court ordered payments until you obtain a court order changing or terminating your obligation. However, if you are experiencing financial limitations due to a pay cut or lay off, you may have a reasonable legal basis to request a reduction in your child support payments.

The family law team at PMK can educate you on your rights and assist you in obtaining relief by assisting in working out an agreement between you and your co-parent that temporarily adjusts the child support payments to accommodate the current financial situation or, if needed, to seek modification with the Family Court or with the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). Remember that time is of the essence in requesting a legal change to any child support obligation as amounts owed for past months (or years) cannot be modified going backward.

You Aren’t Receiving Your Court-Ordered Support

If have a court order to receive child support payments from your co-parent but they have stopped paying, you may be able to seek relief through the CSEA or the Family Court to ensure payments continue or, if your co-parent has lost his or her job, that financial support obligations are adjusted to ensure you receive a reasonable portion of the pay you are receiving. PMK can educate you on your options to seek relief through changing financial circumstances in these uncertain times.